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Desi Masala Oats

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  • Key Benefits1) Supports heart health by reducing cholesterol levels
    2) Provides a convenient and nutritious breakfast option packed with whole grains and essential nutrients
    3) Promotes gut health with the inclusion of chia seeds and almonds, rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids
    4) Offers a delicious taste, making it an enjoyable and satisfying meal choice
    5) Enhances overall well-being with the antioxidant properties
  • UsageIdeal for breakfast preparation, simply cook for 5 minutes to enjoy a wholesome meal.
  • Ingredients100% natural ingredients including oats, almonds, pumpkin, chia seeds, raw sugar, cocoa, rice bran oil, and Himalayan pink salt
  • Additional InfoForm: Rolled Oats
    Container Type: Pouch
  • Seller and Manufacturing DetailsBrand: Yogabar
    Manufactured By: Sproutlife Foods Private Limited

About Yogabar

Yogabar is a health-focused brand making waves in India with its array of nutritious snacks. From energy bars to protein bars, muesli to peanut butter, they offer a range of clean, locally sourced options. Committed to taste and wellness, Yogabar provides healthier alternatives without compromising on flavour, catering to the Indian palate while promoting nutrition and wellness.

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