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Himalayan Pink Salt Roasted Cashews - 200g

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  • Key Benefits1) Rich in Vit E, K, B6, and minerals
    2) Helps regulate blood pressure, promotes cardiovascular health
    3) Good source of antioxidants, supports brain health
    4) Essential minerals for strong bones
    5) High-calorie, healthy fats for energy boost
  • Key Ingredients1) Cashews
    2) Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Additional InfoShelf Life: 6 months
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BoYo, a pandemic-born brand from Chakhna shot, is on a mission to swap out unhealthy snacks with exotic dry fruits and wholesome goodies. Let's embrace a healthier and bolder lifestyle together! Embrace your best self with BoYo's symbol of boldness and youthfulness, offering exotic dry fruits and healthy snacks for a vibrant lifestyle. BoYo offers a delectable range, from Pink Salted Nuts & Seeds to Super Seed Raw blends, encouraging a healthier snacking experience with exotic nuts, dried fruits, and nutritious options.

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