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Charcoal Shaving Foam and Razor Kit (5 Razors)

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  • Combo Contents1) Disposable Razor - Pack of 5
    2) Charcoal Shaving Foam - Pack of 1 (266g)
  • Key Features
    Disposable Razor
    1) Provides a smooth glide
    2) Perfect shave and better control
    3) 6mm long anti-slip razor handle

    Charcoal Shaving Foam
    1) 2x Creamier formula for smooth shaves
    2) Hydrates the skin and reduces redness
    3) Intense cooling for a refreshing shave
  • How To Use1) Apply foam evenly on damp skin
    2) Hold the razor at a comfortable angle
    3) Shave in the direction of hair growth using gentle strokes
    4) Rinse razor frequently and skin with water
    5) Pat dry and moisturize to keep skin hydrated
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